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Durable Stair-Climbing Goods Truck

Safely move goods up and down stairs and over uneven ground


From: £194.00 ex. VAT ( £232.80 inc. VAT)
  • Can be operated by one or two people
  • Folding toe plate for easier storage
  • Wheels have rubber tyres for extra grip

Moving goods up or down stairs is a potentially dangerous activity that can easily lead to falls, back injuries and other types of accident. Unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary, so it should be done as safely as possible to minimise the risks.

With this stair-climbing truck, moving loads on staircases is an easy task. The triple wheel system makes easy work of stairs, and the truck can be operated by one or two people. It takes the strain out of carrying heavy loads and helps minimise the chance of trips, slips and falls.

In addition to being useful on stairs, the wheel system is also a great way to transport goods over rough, uneven terrain.

You should exercise caution when moving unsecured loads on stairs. For maximum safety, they should be held in place with a load-retaining strap.

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