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Durable Steel Rough Terrain Sack Truck

Large, strong wheels make easy work of uneven ground


From: £172.00 ex. VAT ( £206.40 inc. VAT)
  • Strong steel for long-lasting performance
  • Move loads easily over varied ground
  • Increase safety over rough terrain

Sack trucks are an excellent way to move various types of goods, as they're easy to load and unload and take the strain out of carrying the load. However, they're generally suited to smooth ground, becoming difficult to manoeuvre over less consistent terrain.

This sack truck is designed specifically for easy use over rough and uneven ground, making it far safer to use when away from the smooth surfaces of warehouses, roads and pavement. With its tough, large wheels, the sack truck makes an easy job of transporting goods over difficult ground.

An extended foot iron is available separately for this sack truck, which increases the loads it can carry by expanding the carrying surface. This also raises the safety level.

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