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Heavy-Duty Chemical-Resistant Matting

Increase grip and maximise safety in high-traffic walkways and along production lines


From: £189.55 ex. VAT ( £227.46 inc. VAT)
  • Small holes allow use with trolleys
  • Resistant to most oils and chemicals
  • Flame-retardant for increased safety

Using matting on floors allows you to easily increase grip, which helps workers to stay safe. This is particularly useful in high-traffic walkways, or along production lines where people may be frequently on the go.

This matting is designed with small holes, which allows trolleys, trucks and other wheeled equipment to be rolled safely over the surface without fear of it becoming trapped or moving dangerously. The highly-durable material is resistant to the majority of oils and chemicals used in industry and is flame retardant according to the DIN 4102 specification.

With a variety of sizes and colours available, you can choose the specification that best fits your needs. Using different colours helps increase visibility, which can help encourage safe behaviour in dangerous areas.

We also stock a range of different matting options to suit any application.

Additional Information

Brand COBA

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