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Health and Safety in the Office Staff Training DVD with Assessment Forms

Comprehensive video training in office-specific health and safety topics


£99.99 ex. VAT ( £119.99 inc. VAT)
  • Easy-to-follow training method
  • Helps staff retain information after training
  • Printable assessment forms are included for record-keeping

In addition to the usual health and safety concerns, office workers face some additional, specific risks that it's important to provide training on. These include using screens, electrical safety and keeping this particular type of workplace safe and secure.

With this DVD, you can easily provide training for office workers in health and safety topics. Using a DVD means you can ensure everybody has had exactly the same training, even in different sessions, and you know precisely how long a session will take. It also helps people to understand and retain the information better, as a video is easy to follow.

To help you keep records of which staff have received the training, the DVD comes complete with printable assessment forms.

Our office safety poster is an excellent companion to this DVD, helping to remind people of their responsibilities.

Additional Information

Brand Safety Media
Description Health & Safety in the Office DVD
Duration 30min
Specifications / Characteristics Printable assessment form PDF included
Supplied in Single

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