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Comprehensive Health and Safety Manual with Companion CD-ROM

Ensure your compliance with health and safety regulations for workplaces


£115.00 ex. VAT ( £138.00 inc. VAT)
  • Includes templates for effective risk assessments
  • CD-ROM lets you edit and save information on a computer
  • Easily-understood, jargon-free manual

A health and safety policy is a legal requirement in businesses that employ five or more people, as is carrying out risk assessments. This kit gives you all you need to ensure you're complying with legal regulations and keeping the safety of your workers a priority.

The manual is written in jargon-free English, designed to be easy to read and follow. This helps you effectively carry out your obligations without getting bogged down in complicated information and unnecessarily-wordy descriptions.

Included with the manual are templates for risk assessments, so you can make sure these checks are done effectively and without unnecessary hassle. There are also key safety records and procedures to assist you in your duty.

With the CD-ROM version, you can easily update and save the information on a computer.

To help you further, we have a full range of health and safety information guides, including materials for training staff.

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