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Health and Safety at Work Training 7-Title Compilation DVD

A comprehensive set of audio-visual training materials in one


From: £169.50 ex. VAT ( £203.40 inc. VAT)
  • Covers subjects from basic safety to dealing with fires
  • A highly effective training method
  • Ensure all staff receive the same information

Using a DVD for training purposes is an extremely effective way to make sure your employees understand the information they're given. A video is much easier to follow and more engaging, meaning that more of the training is retained afterwards.

With this seven-in-one training DVD, you have a comprehensive set of training materials in a single package. The disc contains sections covering everything from basic safety information and manual handling to advanced fire evacuation and extinguisher training.

In addition to its effectiveness, the DVD lets you train large numbers of people at the same time and ensure everyone is given exactly the same information in different sessions.

To complement this DVD, we have a large range of health and safety information guides for all kinds of training.

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