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Head to Toe Protection with PPE' Poster with Symbols and Large Photograph

Maximise compliance among your staff to increase their safety

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From: £15.75 ex. VAT ( £18.90 inc. VAT)
  • Large central photo attracts attention and illustrates the text
  • Clear symbols included to help people learn their meanings
  • Available in a choice of tough, hard-wearing materials

In hazardous working environments, it's important that staff and visitors get into good habits regarding protective equipment, as this makes injuries unlikely and reduces their severity if they do occur. A simple step towards making sure people are wearing PPE where they should is to display this poster, which is a constant reminder to help people develop a good routine. It also provides information on the correct use of protective equipment, which ensures people are using it to maximum effect.

The colourful poster includes a large photo in the centre, which makes it eye-catching and encourages people to take the time to look at its information. Each side has text detailing the equipment used on different body parts, accompanied by the symbol one would expect to find on a sign stating it should be worn. Seeing this regularly helps people learn the symbols so that they know when they should wear particular kinds of clothing. We stock these symbols as self-adhesive labels and full size signs to help you inform people when they're entering a dangerous area.

With the information included on this poster, staff and visitors are more likely to dress correctly, so accidents a more likely to become a rarity. Our first aid manual gives people the information they need to deal with any injuries that do occur, which minimises how serious they are. It's useful as a reminder to those with first aid training and a quick reference for those without.

The poster is available in three materials and three different sizes, so you can fit it into a space where it will be seen most often. The materials available are all more durable than standard paper, helping to prevent the poster becoming ripped and dog-eared, and meaning it won't need to be replaced frequently.

Let people know where they can access PPE with our 'PPE stored here' sign, which can be customised with your own additional information.

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Product Description Head to Toe Protection with PPE Poster

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