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COSHH Hazard Symbol Wallchart and Pocket Guide

Give staff the information they need to understand hazardous substances


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  • Simple to follow and to find relevant information
  • Large symbols make the information easy to see
  • Encourage people to learn the symbols by seeing them regularly

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations (or COSHH) 2002 make it imperative that any dangerous materials are handled correctly. Anyone working around materials covered by the regulations must be careful to keep themselves and their coworkers safe, and understanding the risks involved with specific substances helps them to do just that.

With a number of different symbols used to inform people of specific hazards, it's easy for people to get confused as to what means what, and that can lead to them taking inappropriate measures, potentially causing significant dangers. This poster and pocket guide are a simple way for people to check symbols whenever they need to. Carrying the guide with them provides staff with an instant reference, and seeing the poster on a regular basis reminds them to take care, helping them to remember the symbols as they go. Displaying it near to our COSHH centre makes a useful information point for any materials relating to hazardous substance regulations and care.

The COSHH poster and pocket guide are designed with the header, 'COSHH – Do you know all you need to know?', which encourages staff to take the time to read the information. It lists hazard symbols with clear examples, and next to each one it details the precautions that should be taken while dealing with materials with each particular symbol. It also includes information on the first aid precautions that should be taken if substances come into contact with the eyes or skin. Because the new GHS symbols differ in appearance to standard COSHH symbols, it's important to use our GHS poster to draw people's attention to them and make sure they're understood.

In addition to learning the symbols, staff should understand what their duties are and how their actions fit into delivering good COSHH compliance. Our rigid plastic poster lets people know what they should do to play a part in a safe, lawful workplace.

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