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No Access Display Signs

Sign restricting access to certain areas

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From: £6.49 ex. VAT
From: £5.26 ex. VAT ( £6.31 inc. VAT)

  • Helps designate areas that are off-limits
  • Meets Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996
  • Available in a variety of sizes and materials for different locations

The legal responsibility for health and safety is usually with the employer. Under the Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, an employer is legally required to protect both the public and employees by restricting access to areas that might contain hazardous substances, dangerous machinery or anything else that could cause harm. This 'No Access' sign complies with industry recommendations and sends out a clear message.

Restricting access isn't the only way that an organisation can protect people from personal injury. 'No-Running' signs encourage safe behaviour in potentially hazardous areas and vandal-resistant 'No-Smoking' signs prohibit smoking where it might be either an immediate or long-term danger to others.

This 'No Access' sign makes a clear point through its use of the universally accepted red colouring. The symbol is of a red circle with a diagonal bar over a clear 'Stop' hand gesture and the text is white on a red rectangle. The sign is sold as singles but we also have packs of 6 'No Access' signs available to help you to make your message even clearer across your site.

As a commonly used prohibition sign, the 'No Access' sign is available in a wide variety of sizes and in clear acrylic, polypropylene rigid plastic, self-adhesive rigid plastic and self-adhesive vinyl. The clear acrylic sign is for indoor use only but the others are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas wherever access needs to be restricted for safety reasons. All self-adhesive fixings are permanent and the polypropylene rigid plastic version allows for the drilling of fixing holes as suits a location.

A 'No Access' sign offers the opportunity to mitigate against a number of possible hazards by restricting employee or public entry to areas which might cause harm or injury. It is also possible to control access through the use of 'No Unauthorised Access' or 'No Admittance' signs. It is a legal requirement to limit access to dangerous zones using one of this type of prohibition sign.

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