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Anti-slip hard hats required floor sign

For maximum visibility of this extremely important safety message

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From: £27.55 ex. VAT ( £33.06 inc. VAT)

  • Self-adhesive sign for quick installation
  • Non-slip surface for safe use on floors
  • The 'STOP' symbol increases effectiveness

To ensure staff wear hard hats where they're required to, maximum visibility of warning signs is essential. This particular sign is sure to be noticed thanks to its combination of design features and its location on the floor. Our eyes often wander downwards, where a sign clearly stands out against the bare ground.

Coloured red to signify danger and make sure people take notice, the stop sign design makes sure that it doesn't get ignored. With its self-adhesive application, you can place the sign at a point on the ground where it will be at its most effective, ensuring nobody passes without the necessary protective equipment.

The sign has a non-slip finish, so it won't become hazardous as people walk over it. Combined with a hard hat warning sign at a higher eye level, you have a complete solution to make sure the message is seen by all.

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