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Simple Hanging Kit for Double-Sided Signs, with Clips, Pads and Hooks

Get the most out of hanging signs, and make their installation easy


£7.95 ex. VAT
£6.44 ex. VAT ( £7.73 inc. VAT)

  • Everything you need to hang signs safely is included
  • Speeds up the process of fixing and makes it simple
  • Cost-effective and time-saving

Double-sided hanging signs like our fire exit notice are a highly effective way to maximise the visibility of important areas and equipment in your workplace. They can be seen from multiple angles, and their positioning makes them stand out far better than wall signs, so they're more likely to get people's attention. They're also a cost-effective way to inform people of important information, as you need fewer signs for the same amount of coverage.

This kit includes everything you need to hang double-sided signs safely and effectively, using a straightforward five-step process. Firstly, mark the ceiling where you wish to place the fixings. Next, holding up the sign towards the ceiling, copy the marks onto the sign's surface at the same distance apart. Select the right kind of fixings for your ceiling from either self-adhesive pads or ceiling frame clips, and insert the Z-hooks into the sign's drill holes. Finally, with the sign hanging from the Z-hooks, hang it into the ceiling fixings, and your sign is installed and ready to go.

This simple process means it takes very little skill to fix the sign successfully, and once in place, it will remain safe and effective. For areas where there are damp conditions or other factors that cause a risk of rust or corrosion, our brass fixing kit is an alternative way to hang your double-sided sign, and its material will stay in excellent condition even if it gets wet or exposed to various other substances.

We stock a large range of double-sided hanging signs, with messages for all types of workplace. They make it easy to give people essential information and free up wall space for you to use for posters and other items, or to keep it clear and clean.

If you need to fix wall signs in place and don't want to drill or use screws, SignFix is an excellent alternative that keeps signs firmly in place, whether they're indoors or out.

Additional Information

Kit Contains 2 x Ceiling Frame Clips
2 x Self-Adhesive Pads
2 x 'Z' Hooks
Product Description Sign Hanging Kit
Supplied in Single Kit

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