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Hand-Operated Steel Stretchwrap Dispenser Tool

Neatly and easily apply stretchwrap while minimising waste


£21.75 ex. VAT ( £26.10 inc. VAT)
  • Lightweight but strong construction
  • Easy to change the roll over
  • Braking system cuts down on waste

Using stretchwrap to cover packages and bundles of goods is a great way to ensure their contents stay safe, while simultaneously preventing tampering and theft. As useful as it is, however, it's not always easy to apply, and can quickly become messy, leading to wasted time and materials.

This clever stretchwrap dispenser tool is a simple way to make wrap easier to apply. It holds a roll firmly in place, and the two-handled system is easy to operate. Using the tool helps you to apply stretchwrap neatly and smoothly, for a great result. The tool also features a braking system, which helps to cut down on waste.

When the current roll is used up, changing it over is a quick, easy process, so there's no wasted time when you have work to do. Use the tool with our stretchwrap rolls, which have different options to suit your needs.

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Description Hand Stretchwrap Tool
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