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Portable battery-powered UV light

Easily locate ultraviolet markings on the go


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  • Strong, small and lightweight construction
  • Replaceable light tube
  • Carry strap included

Invisible markings that only show up under ultraviolet light are used in a wide range of applications, often to show something is valid and genuine, and to make forgery more difficult. It's important to be able to view these marks in order to check and authenticate them, and having a portable means of doing so is convenient and useful. We also supply a range of torches and lanterns designed to be effective light sources.

The UV light is compact and lightweight but maintains a high level of strength and reliability in its small body. The unit has a replaceable light tube, so when this eventually runs out you can simply buy a new bulb instead of replacing the whole unit. It's built to be tough and partially withstand knocks and scrapes but features a carry strap to help prevent it from being dropped.

The torch is fully portable, operating on batteries rather than the mains. This means you can use it wherever you go and won't have to deal with wires getting in the way or becoming tangled.

There are a great many possible applications for this UV light, as invisible markings are widely used. Various types of licenses carry them, as do passports, credit and bank cards, and of course bank notes. If you need to regularly check the validity of cash, we also supply a counterfeit note detector lamp.

SmartWater, the traceable marking and theft deterrent liquid also shows up under UV light, so if you use this system the lamp will give you an easy way to check what is marked and what isn't, keeping your property safe and secure.

Additional Information

Description Hand-Held UV Lamp
Packaging Qty. 1
Size 150 mm
Supplied in Single
Watts 4 W

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