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Strong and versatile GR8 Pro Safety Knife

Easily cut through all kinds of packaging safely with this tough knife


£10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • Strong and durable with a metal body
  • Safe to use and carry
  • Easily cuts through packaging, tape, card, plastic and straps

This professional knife is strong but secure, making it ideal for busy industrial workplaces where speed and precision are as important as health and safety.

It's a parcel knife that cuts easily through all kinds of packaging, making light work of cardboard boxes, plastic shrink wrap, industrial tape and strapping. A built-in tape cutter means parcels can be opened fast, without the need to use or wear down the main blade on lighter tasks.

The enclosed blade is a reliable safety feature, ensuring that there's no danger of accidental injury to fingers during use, no matter how fast the work rate. It's also safe to carry, either in a pocket or bag, without causing damage to clothing or other items.

When the tough blade eventually wears down, replacing it is a swift and simple process. You can order replacement blades at the same time as this industrial knife, making sure there are always spare blades ready so your work never has to slow down.

Replacing the blade is an infrequent task, but in a busy workplace where this versatile knife is one of your most used assets, it's better to be prepared. To make the blade replacement even easier, we also stock the GR8 blade change tool.

A metal body makes the G8 Pro Safety Knife a long-lasting and trustworthy tool, which can withstand heavy daily use over a long period of time. It's the more heavy duty version of our GR8 Primo Safety Knife, upgraded for serious professional use.

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Brand COBA

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