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Lightweight GR8 Primo Safety Knife

Lightweight, robust GR8 Primo Safety Knife with Built-in Tape Cutter


£6.95 ex. VAT ( £8.34 inc. VAT)
  • Cuts cardboard, strapping and shrink-wrapping with ease
  • Versatile knife contains tape cutter for efficient, damage-free box opening
  • Blade both pocket and finger safe to reduce accident potential

The GR8 Primo Safety Knife is built with both versatility and safety in mind. With a lightweight, robust design it is made to easily cut through materials such as cardboard, shrink-wrapping and strapping. The built-in blunt edge tape cutter is ideal for opening boxes without damaging any of the contents inside. These features make it ideal for busy warehouses or other places of work.

With an enclosed blade the GR8 Promo Safety Knife keeps your fingers safe from cutting accidents and can be stored in your pocket. The knife also features a sturdy loop attachment so it can be attached to your belt loop with our flexible coil lanyard.

Blades can be changed quickly and easily using the removable pin on the neck of the knife. This reduces down time while you’re on the job. Packs of 10 quality steel blades for GR8 Primo Safety Knife are available to purchase separately. The blade has been designed with a cutting edge and a blunt edge to allow safe handling whilst being changed.

The GR8 Primo has a spring-loaded action, which reduces blade wear by increasing the cutting performance of the knife. The unique slicing action of the blade prevents snagging and jamming when the knife handle is held at a 45-degree angle. The handle comes in a wide range of colours including black, blue, green, red and yellow to suit your aesthetic needs.

We also have other safety knife options available, including the spring back safety knife which features a blade that automatically retracts after use.

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4 months ago

Service: I placed my order and the next day it arrived truly awesome, I could start my shift with a new knife.

Product: If you work on a supermarket replenishment team, then this is the tool for you.

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