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Prominent, informative goods inwards sign

Straight to the point, available in a range of materials and sizes


From: £5.99 ex. VAT
From: £5.45 ex. VAT ( £6.54 inc. VAT)
  • Available in vinyl or rigid plastic
  • Provides clear and direct instructions
  • Essential for a warehouse environment

If your business involves the regular ingoing and outgoing of goods, it is essential that the two aren't confused. By clearly and correctly signing the areas to bring goods into your business, you enable its quick, efficient and smooth running, free from the confusion that is brought about by any lack of clarity. To not do this would allow for goods to go missing, customers to be left without their orders on time and for warehouse staff to be left expecting orders that have already arrived. A efficient warehouse is of utmost importance to your business, and clear signage is an integral part of this.

With SafetyShop's Goods Inwards Sign, drivers and delivery staff are left in no doubt as to where to place and deliver incoming goods, allowing for a specific area for it to arrive in and a consistent route and procedure in which to allow it to arrive. Available in either rigid plastic or vinyl, and in a range of sizes, the sign can be tailored to suit the area, allowing for clear, direct instructions for all those involved. The signs are resistant to extremes of weather and vandalism, allowing for both indoor and outdoor use.

Used alongside our other information signs and safety signs, this item provides clear, direct instructions for warehouse workers and visitors, allowing for a safe working environment and peace of mind for staff and managers alike. Consistent, efficient and legal warehouse procedure is of utmost importance to the smooth running of any business, so make sure that your signage is clear and direct today.

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