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WRAP glass recycling signs

Waste less and recycle more with our WRAP glass recycling signs.


From: £6.49 ex. VAT
From: £5.26 ex. VAT ( £6.31 inc. VAT)

  • Go green and support recycling
  • Reduce waste and tackle climate change
  • Invest in our strong, durable signs, available in a range of shapes and sizes

Ensure your business is doing everything it can to tackle climate change and promote a green ethos with these handy, durable, and versatile glass recycling signs. Our signs are specially designed to support WRAP, the Government's Waste and Resources Action Programme. Displaying signs reminds individuals and business employees to be conscientious where waste disposal is concerned and do everything they can to minimise waste, maximise resources and do their part to protect the planet.

All of our high-quality signs incorporate WRAP's 'recycle now' logo. This logo is the darling of the recycling world and growing increasingly popular among retailers, major brands, local authorities and communities. Our simple glass recycling signs will encourage people to dispose of their glass waste in the least harmful way possible.

Our glass recycling signs come in a wide and versatile range of shapes and sizes. Better yet, the materials used in our signs are comprised of 80% recycled materials, ensuring you are not only encouraging recycling but actively supporting it simply by purchasing our signs. Whatever your needs, we have a sign for the job; simply choose the required orientation and size of your sign. Depending on the size you choose you can also select whether you would like your signs supplied in polypropelene rigid plastic, or as self-adhesive vinyl stickers. Vinyl stickers are the perfect choice for quickly and easily adding a sign to boxes, bins, and other receptacles for your recycled waste to easily identify them. Polypropelene signs, on the other hand, are far more robust and best suited for walls and machinery, or other areas that will have greater levels of wear and tear.

By displaying recycling signage you are encouraging responsible waste disposal and recycling, as well as taking an active role in preserving the environment, minimising your waste production, and demonstrating that you're a conscientious and green warrior!

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