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Vandal-resistant Glass Fibre Grit Bins

Robust and strong highway grit bins suitable for public use.


From: £230.00 ex. VAT ( £276.00 inc. VAT)
  • Bright yellow for quick identification in poor conditions
  • Hinges are galvanised to prevent rust
  • Three different sizes available

Storing grit during the cold winter months is vital to ensure pavements and roads are kept safe and accident free.

Our vandal-resistant grit bins are made from glass fibre that is robust and strong to withstand harsh weather conditions. They’re also bright yellow to make them easily identifiable even when visibility is poor.

Each bin features a reliable lid that will protect grit supplies at all times, along with hinges that are galvanised to prevent rust. The finish of each bin is smooth for easy cleaning, while making it difficult for dirt to stick.

You may also be interested in our ultimate grit bin and salt kit, which includes all the equipment you’ll require for de-icing your property. Each kit also comes with 10 bags of white de-icing salt.

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