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Self-Adhesive Vinyl and Rigid Plastic Girls’ Toilets Signs

Help female employees locate washrooms within your premises


From: £5.25 ex. VAT ( £6.30 inc. VAT)
  • Available in self-adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Compliant with fire retardant standards

Ensure female workers or visitors to your work environment can easily locate washrooms through the use of this sign, featuring the standard female symbol in black next to the words ‘Girls’ Toilets’.

The sign is available in two options – either a 1.2 mm rigid plastic or a self-adhesive vinyl. As well as both being suitable for use indoors and outdoors, the signs are easily recyclable and also comply with recognised fire retardant standards DIN 4102-Part 1, Class B1.

This sign is ideal for use alongside other symbols designed to promote good health and hygiene in the workplace, such as Wash Your Hands Please Signs.

Ensure those using your washrooms are also warned of potential risks through the use of other products such as plastic 'Wet Floor' sign stands.

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