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GHS Symbols On-a-Sheet - Compressed Gas

The economical way to purchase small quantities of symbols


£8.95 ex. VAT ( £10.74 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly durable design
  • Up to date with current regulations

Essential and mandatory, labelling hazardous equipment and substances will keep workplaces in order and up to code. Our sheet of symbols will cater for compressed gas containers - in storage and on the road.

The generous amount of safety stickers will allow you to cater for a host of objects. The self-adhesive design is highly durable, and can be placed on any clean and smooth surface.

Complying with current European Union legislation, the clear and vibrant design is ideal for placing on stored equipment, as well as vehicles carrying them. The red and white colour scheme will stand out, making legal inspections all the quicker and simpler.

Monitoring substance supply levels is just as important to any business. Our cylinder status tags will allow you to swiftly update the present state of pressurised containers.

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