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Laser Engraved Acrylic Sign - Gentlemen Symbol

Lightweight and resilient, these signs are engraved for clarity


£31.25 ex. VAT ( £37.50 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to clean
  • Instantly recognisable design
  • Easy to install

Our bathroom sign will bring an essential touch to newly built or renovated offices and buildings. Signifying that male toilets lie beyond the door, this informative sticker can be interpreted by non-English speakers with the aid of the classic stick man figure. Easy to install, it even includes all the required fixings to hold it in place.

Fashioned from highly durable acrylic, the sign will stand for as long as the door itself. The laser-engraved surface offers perfect clarity, and is wonderfully easy to wipe clean.

See that no hazards are left unmarked beyond the sign with the help of our folding 'wet floor' sign. Designed to highlight incidents, it will prevent any unwanted slips or falls.

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