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Highly-sensitive, general purpose smoke alarms

Battery operated smoke alarms with dual ionisation sensor.

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From: £5.99 ex. VAT ( £7.19 inc. VAT)
  • Quick detection of small particles
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Loud piezoelectric alarm

According to Building Regulations, which cover fire safety in work premises, any building should be constructed so that there are clear exit points in case of a fire. There must also be a clear safe point away from the premises and an early warning system to enable people to leave the building in plenty of time.

Our ionisation smoke alarms are extremely sensitive and are able to detect very tiny particles produced by rapidly burning fires that ignite flammable materials quickly. Should a fire start, our smoke alarms will quickly detect the blaze and a very loud alarm will sound, giving occupants of your building as much notice as possible to get out safely. Fires may start, for example, due to grease in a kitchen or factory, or from paper burning in a stationery cupboard. Therefore, our smoke alarms, with their dual ionisation sensor, will easily detect the earliest signs of smoke and particles.

Every alarm comes with a 5 year guarantee and is kite marked to British Standards 5446 Part 1 (2000). Our alarms are also CE marked to comply with the required regulations.

If you run a hotel or any other building where staff sleep on the premises, you should also provide a suitable warning system for those who may be deaf. We have an excellent deaf guard system which has a receiver unit at the side of the bed, with a vibrator pad which goes under the staff member’s pillow. If the fire alarm does go off, the staff member will be alerted to the alarm via a high-intensity flashing strobe, and will be shaken awake by the vibrating pad. The deaf guard system can also serve as an alarm clock.

Smoke alarms should be tested regularly, and we offer detector testers and a smoke alarm spray tester for added precaution.

To assist you with the safety of your staff and your building, we have a full fire safety management pack, which supplies your managers and health and safety officers with everything they need for efficient planning.

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4 years ago

Service: Delivery was estimated 20th August. This date was also confirmed on my invoice and said if it was going to be delayed I would be contacted. When it did not arrive a few days after this I contact you and was told the estimated delivery was 27th August. When I complained that I was not informed I received "couldn't care less" attitude, asked to speak to someone who would have the power to offer me a discount for the inconvience (the equipment was late for an important H&S assessment) I was told I would not receive one regardless... I am not happy and will be telling others about the customer service here.

Product: Good

5 years ago

Service: Pure safety offers good product at mostly good prices. However the goods I ordered last arrived first with their promised 24 hour delivery extending to three weeks and four deliveries, none of which arrived at the times designated, meaning I waited in all day three times to no purpose and was lucky other people took my good in for me, and I was able to discover who. Pure Safety's excuse for not calling me was that 'phone calls cost money' and their goods were out of stock though this was not advertised on their web site. I cancelled several events at my business due to the non arrival of fire safety equipment for three weeks. I would not recommend Pure Safety to anyone.
took three weeks, with the goods I ordered last arriving first.
delivery.Our response: Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. All feedback is important to us and will help our continuous improvements

I have listened back to the call and at no point did our adviser say the reason we had not called was due to 'phone calls cost money' so feel this is a very unfair statment to make.

we also do not promise 24 hour delivery our website states we offer same day dispatch on stocked items so unfortunately if an item is out of stock we will not be able to dispatch till back in stock .


Product: Seems ok. Why it needed a separate delivery all by itself is beyond me.

5 years ago

Service: good service and advice on productsOur response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in, all feedback is extremely valuable to us


Product: Excellent

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