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1400 Litre Sump Outdoor Safety Store For Flammable Liquids & Chemicals

Robust, welded steel safety store with internal shelving


£10,163.00 ex. VAT ( £12,195.60 inc. VAT)
  • Leak tested and fully certified sump base
  • Vandal-proof construction
  • Side air vents ensure prevention of fumes build-up

When making fire safety plans, care must be taken to consider any dangerous or flammable chemicals used on site, and one way to reduce any possibility of a problem in case of fire, is to store such materials outside, well away from your business premises. Not only that, but you’ll have more room inside for that extra office you might need!

Our solid and secure, all welded steel 1400 litre sump capacity safety unit offers a large outside storage space for any chemicals and flammable materials, with a choice of a red, green or blue finish in chemically-resistant epoxy-paint.

Twin, heavy-duty doors ensure that containers can be easily moved to and from the store, and the doors will take a padlock for added security. If you are looking for smaller outdoor chemicals storage, we also have a medium safety store with an 1100 litre sump, or a small safety store with an 800 litre sump, also available in three colours.

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