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Gas Leak Action' Mandatory Safety Sign in Choice of Materials

Provide clear instructions for what to do if there's a gas leak


From: £11.99 ex. VAT
From: £9.71 ex. VAT ( £11.65 inc. VAT)
  • Includes a space to write in the relevant emergency number
  • Clear, simple instructions to maximise safety
  • A standard, widely-recognised design

Leaking gas can be potentially disastrous, particularly if it's not noticed quickly or if the situation is mishandled. Because of this, it's essential that clear and thorough instructions are provided to your customers and employees so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done if a gas leak is discovered.

The sign follows a similar design to the standard fire action sign, which helps people recognise it quickly and find the information they need. It has a simple list of steps to be followed in the event of a gas leak, numbered to help people keep track if they're panicked. They're ordered by priority, so they begin with instructing the reader to extinguish any sources of fire. The instructions conclude by advising that an evacuation should be performed if the leak can't be stopped.

Included on the sign is a space in which to write the number to call in an emergency. This is the last step before evacuation, helping ensure that assistance is requested before everyone leaves the building. Underneath the instructions, there's a section in red that lets people know what actions they should avoid, with the colour associating the text with danger. Together, all of the steps and warnings maximise the chances of safety for everyone in the area.

The sign is available in a range of different sizes, helping you ensure that it fits wherever it's needed and can be seen clearly from a good distance away. It's also available in three different materials: rigid polypropylene plastic and self-adhesive rigid plastic for indoor or outdoor use, or self-adhesive vinyl for indoors. The vinyl option is suitable for use on curved surfaces as well as flat ones, and both self-adhesive signs can be put into place instantly without the need for any extra materials or fixing substances.

In areas where there's a particularly high risk of dangerous gases, display one of our 'Danger – explosive gas' signs to ensure people take the proper precautions.

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