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WRAP Gas Bottle Recycling Signs

Recycling signs that use the Government's 'RecycleNow' logo to encourage more recycling and less waste in your workplace.


From: £6.49 ex. VAT
From: £5.26 ex. VAT ( £6.31 inc. VAT)
  • Consistent with widely used 'WRAP' recycling signage
  • Available in a range of sizes and materials
  • Helps your organisation fulfil its green goals.

It can be incredibly helpful to have recycling signs directing people to the right place to put their rubbish, especially if you recycle different types of waste on the same premises. One of the common issues with recycling is cross contamination of waste. Help to make it easier and more intuitive for your staff to put their gas bottles in the right places, encouraging more recycling and less waste by using these clear signs.

Designed to make it easy for you to keep track of what goes where, they use familiar symbols, bold lettering and bright, distinctive colours to visually separate out the different types of waste. They make recycling more visible in the workplace, encouraging more recycling overall as well as creating a consistent look and feel that is widely used across industries, public spaces and a huge number of diverse organisations. Staff and visitors will be able to check where they should put their waste and gas bottles with minimal effort, encouraging better overall compliance.

The Government's Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) encourages major brands, retailers, local authorities and community groups alike to adopt better recycling, helping everyone to make better use of natural resources and reducing the global impact on climate change. Studies have shown that even small changes can add up to make a huge difference, and effective signage should be seen as an essential part of your workplace recycling programme.

Incorporating the widely known 'WRAP' recycling logo on a brightly coloured background, with a pictogram clearly indicating gas bottles, these signs are quick to read and can be understood by almost anyone. Choose between six different sizes and three material options from the drop down menu above - so you can tailor your signage to the demands of your working environment. For more options, try our range of specialist and safety signs.

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