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Hazard Warning Label for Gas Bottle Transportation

Self-adhesive Class 2 hazard warning labels for gas bottle transportation


From: £1.60 ex. VAT ( £1.92 inc. VAT)
  • Clearly designates gas bottle transportation
  • Self-adhesive for easy use on different surfaces
  • Conforms to safety and transport regulations

Hazardous materials must be clearly labelled using internationally-recognised symbols when being transported. This label designates gas bottles and the hazard class number 2, which is required when labelling for IATA and IMDG for primary hazards.

The self-adhesive diamond label is easily and securely affixed and is suitable for a number of different surfaces. The label conforms to all relevant regulations, including IMDG for Sea transportation, IATA (Air), ADR (Road), RID (Rail), UK Domestic Regulations and BS5609.

Other warning diamond labels are also available for different types of hazardous materials.

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