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Garrett Hand-Held SuperWand or Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detectors

A choice of lightweight, portable detectors for personal searches


From: £212.00 ex. VAT ( £254.40 inc. VAT)
  • 360-degree detection coverage for quick scanning
  • Automatic tuning minimises interference for more accurate readings
  • Wireless operation by 9-volt battery, included with each detector

Metal detectors are an essential tool for various security positions, particularly those in airports, clubs, concert venues and large outdoor events. Between them, these two Garrett metal detectors offer a range of beneficial features to security personnel in a range of different situations. Each one provides specific features that suit certain applications well, but they both have 360-degree detection coverage, helping body scans to be completed quickly, so security staff can discover any concealed weapons or contraband without delay. Wherever you're carrying out searches, make sure you provide clear advance warning with our 'Personal search ahead' sign.

In addition to their wide coverage, both detectors have automatic tuning. This function selects the best point in the tuning spectrum in which to work, based on all the forms of magnetic interference in the area. The result of this is that it's more accurate, with a minimised risk of false positives caused by background noise. This is a particularly useful feature in busy indoor areas, as electrical equipment and power lines are a significant cause of problems with metal detectors.

The SuperWand metal detector is designed with a comfortable, ergonomic grip, which makes it a great choice for situations where a large number of searches need to be carried out, as it helps the user hold onto it securely and work without fatigue or discomfort. It can be switched between audible or silent vibrating and flashing LED alarms, so it can be used discreetly if necessary. It has a simple one-touch operation and three differently coloured indicating LEDs. It's useful for carrying out employee searches, with our random selector ensuring they're done fairly.

The Tactical Hand-Held detector has a durable, sealed waterproof design that makes it ideal for using outdoors and in harsh conditions. It has a discreet silent alarm which helps people use it subtly, and it includes a built-in bright LED flashlight for using in dark conditions, either on its own or alongside the metal detecting function.

Help your security staff stay in touch with each other in case their searches lead to emergencies. Supply them with our twin pack of two-way radios to keep them in contact.

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