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Robust Galvanised Steel Drip Trays

Convenient trays with removable grids catch leakages and spills to prevent danger

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£52.50 ex. VAT ( £63.00 inc. VAT)
  • Can hold a number of small drum containers
  • Can also be placed below generators

Drips and spillages are common on building sites and other industrial working environments. Our galvanised drip trays can be used to catch such leakages before they become hazardous.

Our galvanised drip trays, also known as galvanised spillage trays, galvanised leakage trays and metal spillage trays, can be used to store a range of small drum containers, ensuring that any leakages and spillages are contained and do not seep on to other items or furniture. They can also be placed below larger equipment – such as generators – to catch excess liquids.

The metal drip trays are made from high quality steel, a durable and strong material that can withstand being exposed to a number of toxic substances. Within the steel frame sits a metal grid, upon which drum containers can be placed. Spillages then fall through the grid and into the tray below.

Emptying and cleaning the trays is easy; just remove the metal grid and wipe the smooth surfaces of the tray clean. The grids should be cleaned separately and regularly to keep them safe for use. For an alternative way of keeping spillages at bay, we also stock disposable spill kits, which are single-use systems that can be easily disposed of, without the need for cleaning.

Containing spillages is of major importance on building sites; larger containers can also be protected with our spill deck, which can hold large barrels, providing the same, simple drainage system for potentially hazardous leaks.

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