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Forkliftag® Daily Inspection Kit and Replacement Cards

Well established holder and insert inspection card system for inspecting and maintaining forklift trucks.


From: £10.99 ex. VAT ( £13.19 inc. VAT)
  • Ensures inspections are carried out everyday
  • Easy to follow with a pre-use checklist
  • 'Do not use' symbol on holder which is displayed when an inspection card is removed.

As part of your legal obligations to protect your workforce as an employer, it's important to implement robust inspection and maintenance programmes for potentially hazardous equipment. There are multiple risks from using forklift trucks that do not meet your safety standards - which could lead to accidents and injuries. Help to prevent these by bringing in the Forkliftag® system, starting with this easy to use kit.

Designed to help you control both pre-shift inspections and ad hoc maintenance of your forklift truck fleet, the approved user simply removes the card from its prominent holder (designed to attach to the side of the driver's seat) to fill it in with the correct information before the start of each use or after maintenance has been carried out. Once the card has been replaced, it acts as a visual signal that the forklift truck is fully operational and safe for use. If the forklift fails its inspection or needs to be taken out of use for any reason, simply remove the card, leaving the holder which clearly displays a 'DO NOT USE' symbol.

The insert cards include an easy to follow pre-use checklist on the front and space to record up to 32 inspections on the reverse. You can buy additional inspection cards in bulk value packs of 10 or 50 to replenish your fleet - simply select these options from the drop down menus above.

The initial inspection kit includes two easy-to-attach plastic holders bearing the 'DO NOT USE' message, 10 inserts to start you off and a marker pen. The holder should be attached in a prominent position, ideally close to the driver's seat so it is easily seen at the start of a shift, with either a simple cable tie, strong adhesive or a single screw. We also offer custom branding and inspection data - give our sales team a call on 0800 13 23 23 for more information.

We sell a wide range of Scafftag products, designed to help you maintain more effective inspection procedures. You may also want to take a look at our full selection of site safety equipment.

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