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Durable eye-catching signs stating 'foot protection must be worn'

Instruct employees when foot protection must be worn

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From: £5.49 ex. VAT
From: £4.45 ex. VAT ( £5.34 inc. VAT)
  • Universal application, position where required in your workplace
  • Complies with ISO 7010 and BS 5499 regulations
  • Easy to fit, no screws required

Foot protection must be worn in workplaces where there is a strong risk of foot injury to the employee. Foot injuries that need to be protected against include impact, compression and puncture injuries.

This includes most warehouses, workshops and construction sites where the risk of impact, compression and puncture injuries is highest. If your health and safety assessment stipulates that foot protection must be worn, you must not only provide such protection but also ensure that foot protection warning signs are displayed in the required area.

Our foot protection warning signs are designed to meet this requirement, and are fully compliant with Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. These durable, easy fit signs warn employees that foot protection must be worn at all times.

They are vailable in 11 different sizes, from 100 x 250mm, which are perfect for entry doors, to 841 x 594mm, which can be displayed on walls or windows. These signs can be easily deployed around your workplace using our self-adhesive tabs.

These foot protection signs are part of our personal protective equipment (PPE) range. This includes a collection of signs which ensure your staff are protected from personal injury, such as eye and hearing protection warning signs. Such signs are mandatory in the workplace if your health and safety risk assessment determines they are required.

Our PPE signs comply with both ISO 7010 and BS 5499 regulations. This ensures pictograms, sizes and colours are universally applied across the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom, so you can be sure that all employees, contractors and visitors, will recognise these signs and take appropriate safety precautions.

If your workplace requires more than one sign, this sign is available as a six pack for a significant saving.

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Service: Items ordered are pretty good but when asked what free gift you would like and doesn't get sent. This to me does not make sense, just getting you to order extra items for no reason instead of ordering from elsewhere.

Product: They same safety signs as anywhere else supply but expensive

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