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Food and Drink Prohibited In This Area' Destructible Tamper-Proof Safety Labels

Labels crumble into small pieces when removal is attempted to prevent important message being tampered with


From: £22.99 ex. VAT ( £27.59 inc. VAT)
  • Cannot be removed in one piece to reduce the risk of tampering
  • 0.05mm white gloss vinyl
  • Pack of 10

These tamper-proof labels allow you to notify staff and visitors that food and drink shouldn't be consumed in key areas of your premises. This may be particularly useful for environments in which food and drink may become contaminated with harmful materials.

Available in a handy pack of 10, the labels are made from durable 0.5mm white gloss vinyl and have a strong, permanent adhesive backing. The adhesive is so powerful that it is impossible to remove the label in one piece, meaning that if someone attempts to tamper with it, your crucial safety message should be left in tact.

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