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Floor-mounted cycle racks for effective bicycle security

Protect your bicycle from damage or theft with this low-cost cycle-rack

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From: £108.15 ex. VAT
From: £98.42 ex. VAT ( £118.10 inc. VAT)
  • Fits all cycles up to a 55mm tyre width
  • Constructed from galvanised steel
  • Durable and weather-resistant.

Our floor-mounted cycle racks are a competitively-priced, practical solution to help keep bicycles secure and safe from theft or damage. The rack is constructed from sturdy, hot-dip, galvanised steel, ensuring it's durable, as well as weather-resistant.

The design of the floor-mounted cycle rack means it's easily accessible from both sides, depending on where you fit it, while its compact shape features hard-wearing, round-tube, wheel locators at two different heights.

Suitable for all bicycles with a tyre width of up to a 55mm, it's available in five different capacities, ranging from a two-cycle rack up to a six-cycle rack. All of the fixtures and full fitting instructions are included.

When you're running a business, it's important to provide adequate cycle racks, not only for employees, but also for customers. If customers choose to cycle, but they find there's no safe place to park their bike on arrival, they may take their custom elsewhere.

Providing bicycle parking also shows that the business values sustainability, an increasingly important consideration for consumers today. In fact, it's vital that quality bicycle parking is given the same level of importance as car parking, as the population strives to become more environmentally-friendly.

When businesses provide orderly cycle parking, pedestrians also benefit, as it improves the area's appearance and ensures pavements are not cluttered by bicycles, creating tripping hazards. Cycle racks also prevent cyclists from leaving their bikes parked against trees, or street furniture such as benches and posts, potentially causing damage.

Bicycle parking must not be just an afterthought, created without any planning. Instead, cycle racks should be well thought-out and of a high quality, to match the standards of the surrounding area.

We also stock curved cycle shelters to protect bicycles from the elements under a polycarbonate roof. The galvanised steel structure will house up to six cycles.

Browse our wide range of bicycle racks and shelters to encourage employees to cycle to work, helping them to keep fit and healthy, while supporting green transport methods. By providing cycle racks, you could make the difference for someone who wants to cycle to work, but who is concerned about where to leave their bike.

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