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Highly visible, adhesive floor markers

Durable yellow floor markers, tough enough to withstand warehouse traffic


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  • Great for highlighting routes and walkways
  • Durable PVC
  • Dirt and grime resistant

Managing a warehouse and those who work within it can bring about numerous logistical problems, and it is hugely important to its safe running to ensure that all routes and walkways are clearly marked and designated. Without such markings in place, confusion in the warehouse can arise, and staff members, delivery workers and forklift operators, not to mention any other visitor to the site, can be placed in a difficult or potentially dangerous position. With Safetyshop's floor markers, you can ensure that everyone is kept on the correct routes at all times.

Made from durable PVC, these yellow markers can be used to highlight walkways, fork lift truck routes and pallet positioning areas with ease and cost effectiveness. The adhesive is so tough it's more than capable of withstanding typical warehouse traffic, and the low profile of the markers resists collecting dust and grime alike. Its distinctive bright yellow colour is highly visible to warehouse staff, and provides a clear and recognisable directive once assigned.

We also have a range of floor markers available by Toughstripe(TM), including marking tape arrows, which provide additional clarity for warehouse staff by signifying the correct direction of traffic, and various other anti slip floor products that will keep your warehouse clear and well signed for any eventuality. The smooth running of a warehouse is central to the day to day procedure of your business, and traffic within it can certainly be logistically difficult, so make sure that your business benefits from these cheap and practical solutions for directing people and vehicles around it, and that your staff and visitors are kept safe and organised.

Additional Information

Size (L x W)
Adhesive Self-Adhesive
Colour(s) Yellow
Description Circle
Diameter 90 mm
Packaging Qty. 100
Supplied in Pack of 100

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