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5 white paper flipchart pads

Large paper pads for clear presentations

DB065 A

£24.50 ex. VAT ( £29.40 inc. VAT)
  • Can be used with all flipchart easels
  • 40 A1 size sheets on each pad
  • High quality paper

Flipcharts are an excellent way to present information to an audience and are also useful in brainstorming sessions. Used with a mobile flipchart easel, you'll always have a convenient way to show information large enough for those at the back to see, in whichever room you need to.

It's easy to forget how useful having a flipchart can be in the age of PowerPoint presentations and digital projectors, but nothing quite beats the immediacy of drawing, writing and editing information on paper. It helps to increase concentration and engagement and maximises participation in your topic of discussion.

Sometimes flipchart pads are supplied with cheap, flimsy paper which is difficult to turn the pages of and is prone to tearing – not good in the middle of a presentation, and nothing ruins the flow of your speech quite like it. The high-quality paper in these pads won't let you down when you're in the middle of making a great point, helping those presentations and meetings go as well as they should do. Our flipchart pads are designed for use with any type of flipchart easel, so don't worry about buying the right type for whichever kind you have, as these are universal.

Keeping a good supply of flipchart pads in stock will help you make sure you're always ready for the times you might need them. Don't get caught off-guard with a big training session or team-building event where you're likely to use a lot of paper. Make sure you have plenty in advance.

To give your presentations even more of an edge with top quality equipment, make sure you get some flipchart marker pens instead of using any old pen or whiteboard marker, as these are specifically designed for the purpose.

Additional Information

Description A1 40 Sheet Flipchart Pad - Pack of 5
Supplied in Pack of 5

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