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Handy flexible coil lanyard

A tough and dependable, flexible coil lanyard with spring loaded clip, for securely attaching essential items


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  • Black plastic flexible coil lanyard with spring loaded clip for attaching to fastenings such as belt loops and bag straps.
  • Ideal for securing safety knives, ID, keys, and any other lightweight items of value.
  • A cheap and simple way to improve efficiency by saving on lost time and items.

The lowly lanyard is an indispensable item for all workers, from security guards to retail assistants. This simple device allows lightweight, essential items to be kept on the person, with no fear of loss or lost time. Need your ID on you at all times? Reach for your lanyard. Can't function without your safety knife? Look no further.

This inexpensive piece of kit can save hours of searching for misplaced items and prevent the need to constantly re-order replacement tools, by ensuring the essentials are close at hand, as and when you need them. The robust, spring loaded clip can be attached to a belt loop, bag strap, specially made loop, or indeed any other suitable fastening available. The flexible coil easily stretches a surprising distance, ensuring range of motion is not overly restricted, before neatly recoiling back to its original, tidy and efficient shape. A split ring at either end of the loop allows for attachment of multiple items if need be. Why not fix your safety knife to the far end of the lanyard,

This simple and effective addition to any work uniform is easily interchangeable between employees, making handover of essential items, such as keys, a mere formality. Even if the lanyard does somehow become unclipped, it's highly likely that you'll be able to quickly relocate it again, without too much valuable time being lost.

Additional Information

Brand COBA
Colour(s) Black
Description Flexible Coil Lanyard
Material Plastic
Packaging Qty. 1
Supplied in Single

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