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Walk-in flammable substance storage cabinet

Fully compliant secure storage for large quantities of flammable materials


From: £3,822.00 ex. VAT ( £4,586.40 inc. VAT)
  • Built-in flame arrester and ventilation
  • Leak-proof base with removable gridded decking
  • Door has 2 deadlocks for extra security

If you have flammable substances on your premises, it's vital you comply with safety regulations, so your legal obligations and the best possible standards are met. This can often mean having a safe, fire-resistant storage cabinet, with enough space to stock any hazardous chemicals you have. Having one large cabinet is a better option than several smaller ones, and means it's easier to keep secure and carry out safety checks.

This cabinet is built to fully comply with all relevant safety regulations and is fire resistant for up to 30 minutes. It is painted bright red which is highly visible and signals potential danger when viewed. To reinforce the risks of its contents, the cabinet also comes complete with hazard warning signs, but displaying some additional no smoking warning signs in your flammable area can help maximise safety awareness.

To prevent any leaks, the cabinet has a fully welded sump base to keep hazardous materials inside, where they can be dealt with safely. Above the floor is a raised, gridded deck that can be removed if needed for cleaning up any spillages. It is also ventilated at high and low levels to stop fumes building up inside, and has a built-in flame arrester. To prevent unauthorised access, the heavy duty door has two 5-lever deadlocks, keeping it secure at all times.

The cabinet also has built-in crane lifting eyes and forklift pockets, making it much easier to position initially, or if you ever need to move the unit.

If you need a solution for storing small quantities of flammable materials, we supply wall-mounted flammable storage cabinets, which also help to save floor space.

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