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COSHH-compliant flammable material storage units

Heavy duty, fire-resistant storage for dangerous substances


From: £606.00 ex. VAT ( £727.20 inc. VAT)
  • Securely lockable and leak-proof cabinets
  • Isolation of flammable materials from potential ignition sources
  • Mitigation of risk in case of fire

Secure storage of flammable and hazardous materials is required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, and these cabinets are an excellent way to manage any chemicals required in your industry.

Adding strict security measures against theft, misuse, vandalism and arson, these ventilated cabinets also help to prevent pollution of the environment, by guarding against spills and vapours. They are clearly labelled with the correct hazard warning signs to highlight the location of any dangerous substances should there be a fire in the workplace. Its heavy-duty doors have 5-lever locks, which means you can lock the substances away and retain peace of mind.

All fire marshalls will need to be briefed about what flammable chemicals and materials are stored in the building, so they can alert fire-fighters for what to expect and where to find these substances, and our deluxe fire warden kit contains everything they could need to do their job safely and efficiently.

If the worst happens and a fire breaks out, chemicals and dangerous substances can be quickly secured in these fire-resistant cabinets and locked away to give fire fighters precious extra time to extinguish or dampen the blaze before the fire reaches the flammable materials. Its 30-minute fire resistance gives plenty of reserve to keep the substances from damage.

Suitable warning signs and fire-fighting equipment should be stored near the flammable storage cabinets, and our ABC powder fire extinguishers are available in various sizes and are suitable for quickly dousing small volatile liquid and gas fires, as well as electrical fires. Our extinguishers are compliant with all rules and regulations. Consider purchasing our heavy-duty fire extinguisher stands for storage.

You might also want to consider our flammable storage vaults for your chemical storage needs.

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