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20-Gauge Mild Steel Flammable Liquid Storage Bins with Flat or Sloping Lids

Extremely safe, secure storage for all your flammable liquids

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From: £285.00 ex. VAT ( £342.00 inc. VAT)

  • Epoxy-polyester powder-coated finish for additional strength and durabilty
  • Hasp and staple closure lets you use a padlock to secure the bins
  • Perfect for complying with regulations surrounding flammable liquids

If you use flammable liquids in your work, you're no doubt already aware of all the safety regulations surrounding their use and storage. Buying storage facilities that are already designed and tested to comply with regulations for flammable liquids helps you minimise the hassle involved with following the law, and goes a long way towards guaranteeing safety for you and your staff. These secure storage chests give you a safe, compliant place to keep relatively small quantities of flammable liquids. If you have much larger amounts, our 1400 litre outdoor store has a sump base to contain spills, and keeps its contents secure and safe.

These storage bins are constructed from 20-gauge mild steel, which makes them durable and resistant to fire. They're coated with an epoxy-polyester powder finish, giving them a longer life and making them more hard-wearing and resistant to various types of damage. The yellow design maximises visibility, preventing people and vehicles from damaging them or causing injuries, and making them easier to find quickly.

To help people understand the purpose of these bins and act safely around them, each one has a universally recognisable hazard warning on the front and lid, ensuring people recognise that they contain flammable materials. We recommend that you display additional warning signs wherever flammable substances are stored to make certain that everyone acts responsibly.

The bins are available with either flat or sloping lids, depending on your preferences. The sloping option stops people from using the tops for storage and helps minimise the build-up of dust and debris for easier cleaning. They're fitted with hasp and staple closures, which lets you lock them with a good quality padlock to stop unauthorised access.

These flammable liquid storage chests comply with all the relevant safety regulations, and they keep your dangerous materials completely safe and free from tampering while letting you locate them conveniently for quick access when they're required. Their durable construction keeps them in excellent condition even in tough environments and with heavy-duty use, providing years of reliable storage.

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Service: excellent, very quick to order and quick to arrive, no issues at all.

Product: maintenance haven't told me any problems so assume all good.

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