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Secure Recycled Rubber Speed Ramp and Parking Kerb Fixings

Securely position recycled rubber speed ramps and parking kerbs

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£3.05 ex. VAT
£2.78 ex. VAT ( £3.33 inc. VAT)

  • High-quality, durable material
  • Easy to use for swift application
  • Available for fitting to either concrete or tarmac for maximum flexibility

If you've invested in Recycled Rubber Speed Ramps and Parking Kerbs, you need to ensure they stay where you put them to maintain the safety of drivers and pedestrians using your premises. These high-quality and extremely durable fixings will make certain that every one of your speed ramps and parking kerbs remains perfectly positioned, exactly where you want it. With a choice of either concrete or tarmac fittings, these versatile fixings can be used to securely place your speed ramps and parking kerbs in a wide variety of locations across your car park, side roads or driveways.

Only four bolts (supplied singly) are required to secure each of your Recycled Rubber Speed Ramps and Parking Kerbs in place. For positioning on concrete, use our speciality long bolts, while for areas located on tarmac, use the specially designed spike fixings. Both options are custom-designed especially for fitting these speed-reducing and parking measures in place as securely as possible. Your speed ramps, in particular, are going to take a lot of traffic and the last thing you want is them easily dislodging or getting caught up in the wheels of a lorry and potentially causing an accident.

With these simple and effective fixings, there is no chance of either disaster befalling you, and you can rest assured that your speed ramps and parking kerbs stay exactly where you left them.

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