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Bird Control System Fixing Adhesive

Made specifically for use with our Bird Control Systems


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  • Provides enough adhesive for approximately 16 anti-climb strips or 22 bird control systems
  • Supplied in handy 310ml tube for easy application
  • Extra strong hold for long-term usage

Birds can cause a range of problems for businesses, but the appearance of bird droppings is harmful to the image of your company, as well as being unhygienic if left untreated. If you are dealing with outdoor maintenance for any type of property, you may need to implement an effective bird control system for dealing with unsightly bird droppings. This strong adhesive is made specifically for use with our supplied bird control system, to fix its parts into position.

The bird control system is supplied in a simple kit for easy assembly and, once all the parts are in place, the finished product consists of thin and harmless metal spikes that protrude upwards and prevent birds from settling on your roof or drain systems. The strong fixing adhesive must be purchased separately. Once you have ordered your adhesive, it is easy to use it by following the step by step instructions supplied with our bird control system. The glue comes in a handy 310ml tube, with a nib for easy application, so that you can evenly distribute the substance and effectively attach each strip to the plastic base. Each tube supplies enough glue to fix approximately 16 strips of stainless steel onto the plastic base – enough for around 22 bird control systems.

The bird system glue is fully water resistant, so will continue to provide a firm and effective hold for years to come without the need for replacement systems. The glue can withstand tough weather conditions such as excessive rain, strong winds and hot or cold temperatures so that you can enjoy effective bird control throughout all seasons. The formula is also non-irritant on the skin, and will not inflict any harm on birds or other wildlife; birds will simply avoid the system, rather than attempting to land on it.

We stock a range of adhesives for all types of outdoor maintenance. See our full collection to pick the adhesive that is right for your task.

Additional Information

Description Adhesive – 310ml Tube
Specifications / Characteristics Provides adhesive for approximately 16 strips
Supplied in Single
Volume 310 ml
Description Fixing Adhesive
Volume 310ml

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