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Every workplace needs a first aid kit and if there’s one thing that always runs out faster than anything else, it’s plasters. Because they’re mostly used to treat minor injuries it’s all too easy to forget how important they are but every now and again they’re needed for something serious, and even small cuts can present an infection risk. It’s useful to be able to buy them in bulk so you can always be confident of having some available when needed.

Plasters come in handy in all sorts of ways, from making sure an injured finger doesn’t leave bloodstains on paperwork to relieving blisters caused by ill-fitting shoes when workers are on their feet all day. Making sure they’re easily available isn’t just about health and safety, it’s about making employees feel that they are properly taken care of. Being ready to help in these small ways is key to making people feel valued and creating a positive workplace environment.

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Plasters come in many shapes and sizes and it’s a good idea to have a variety available in order to treat different kinds of injury. Our range gives you plenty to choose from but they all have the essential qualities we know you’re looking for – they’re easy to unwrap, they’re easy to apply, and they stay in place when attached, something not all such products can be relied upon to do. This means you won’t have to waste any time when patching up injuries.

In some workplaces, plasters run out very quickly and because they’re small, staff are not always very good at logging when they’ve been used, so it’s a good idea to check your first aid kit regularly and make sure the supply is topped up.

Buyers’ guide

When buying plasters for the workplace it’s important to think about what they may be exposed to when they’re being worn. In any environment where employees encounter damp, washproof plasters are necessary. If your business deals with food or other products or services where hygiene is important, you should opt for catering grade plasters. These are normally blue so that it’s easy to see when they’re being worn.

In workplaces where there is a risk of burn injuries, special plasters designed to treat burns should be used. Ordinary plasters can cause injuries like this to get worse.

In offices, where paper cuts are common, simple strip plasters are in high demand, but you may also need smaller ones to treat finger injuries.

Plasters use a variety of types of adhesive and some people are allergic to some of them – even the hypoallergenic ones. Some plasters also cause a problem for people with latex allergies. This is another good reason to have a variety of types available in your workplace first aid kit.

Remember that practicing good workplace hygiene reduces the risk of injuries becoming infected and is an important counterpart to first aid procedures


Can I save money by buying plasters like this?

Yes, this is one area where you could expect to pay considerably more in your local pharmacy.

Is it worth buying a plaster dispenser?

Plaster dispensers can save a lot of trouble in workplaces where small cuts are commonplace. They can help you to patch people up more quickly.

How many plasters should I keep in my first aid kit?

You will need to keep track of how quickly your staff uses them up. In most workplaces it makes sense to keep at least a week’s supply and check roughly how may have been used at the end of each week.