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Sharps Disposal

If you work in any environment where needles are used, having a sharps disposal system is essential. This does not only apply to places such as hospitals, dental clinics, veterinary surgeries and sports venues, but also to places such as textile factories, because any needle that pierces more than one person’s skin can present a disease risk. Proper sharps disposal protects your employees and the people they work with, and enables you to get rid of waste without placing the people who collect it at risk. Check our selection to find the right kit for your workplace.

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sharps disposal

We have several different sized sharps collection bins so you can pick something appropriate to accommodate the number of needles you deal with. It’s important to avoid situations in which people are tempted to push things down into a sharps box, because this can result in them being spiked by needles already in there. It’s also a good idea to choose a box that is slightly taller than you need in order to make sure nothing is caught on the lid and flicked out the next time it’s opened.

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Alongside sharps boxes themselves, we have full sharps disposal kits that include disinfectant sprays, wipes and gloves. These are useful if you expect to be dealing with just a small number of needles or syringes, and they make handy travelling kits for people such as district nurses and sports physiotherapists, but if you work with needles all the time, it’s usually more practical to bulk buy items such as disposable gloves separately.

One thing you’ll find in some sharps disposal kits is a safe hand-grabbing device, and it’s well worth having one of these around in order to retrieve dropped items. Although it takes a bit of practice to be able to pick up needles with it, it’s much safer than doing so with your fingers – even with gloves on – and the rubber or plastic tip, designed to improve its grip, is also easy to clean.

Our sharps kits are comprehensive and our boxes well designed, so we’re confident that you’ll find what you need here. They’re all made from light plastic that cannot easily be pierced and won’t break if dropped, and their design makes them easy for waste collectors to identify. Buy them today and be prepared for the next time you have needles to deal with.