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Biohazard & Spill Kits

If you work in a clinical environment, a laboratory or factory, or within the waste disposal industry, you’ll know how essential biohazard spill kits and their related paraphernalia are to the general operation of your workplace. Such professions require equipment and accessories that will aid the safe disposal of clinical waste, bodily fluids and biohazards, while protecting those that work around them every day. These items aren’t just nice to have in your possession, but are vital for every day that you’re at work. Are you as prepared as you need to be?

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biohazard & spill kits

Whether you work in a hospital, a general practice clinic, a mortuary or a care home, you’ll understand the importance of safety when it comes to the safe disposal of bodily fluids and sharps, while those in an industrial setting or laboratory will be equally familiar with biohazards and the risks they pose. It is absolutely essential that such substances are dealt with appropriately and that spillages are contained quickly and efficiently. From finger stalls that will protect wounds and grazes from contamination, to our hermetically sealed clinical waste containers that safely dispose of potentially hazardous waste, SafetyShop has it covered.

Once the bulk of your spillage has been dealt with, you’re going to need a clean-up kit, which can prevent contamination, secure the immediate area and ensure that patients, employees and the general public are safe to go about their daily tasks once again. SafetyShop’s combination clean up kit and body fluid clean up kit contain everything you need to handle body fluid spillages and sharps disposal. Fully compliant with HSE standards, the kits feature absorbent granules, cleansing wipes, aprons, biohazard bags, dry wipes, gloves, a pack of tissues and a scraper or scoop, as well as disinfectant spray, forceps and a sharps container for the disposal of needles. Replacements can be sought with our single application kits.

Biohazards, clinical waste and bodily fluids must be handled appropriately and cleaned in a safe and lawful manner. All of the products on SafetyShop’s site meet current standards and will help you to get any job done quickly, efficiently – and most importantly – safely. If you have any queries regarding the type of product you’re going to need in your working environment, please do not hesitate to contact us; our advice will ensure you find everything that you need.