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Biohazard Kits & Body Fluid Equipment

No one likes to think about messy clean-ups, but the fact is that sometimes they are necessary.

The government has very strict guidelines about getting rid of bodily fluids in order to avoid the transfer of infection as much as possible, and states that anyone with a first aid kit must also have the equipment required to safely dispose of medical waste.

This doesn’t mean having to have a setup such as in a hospital or doctor’s surgery, but we have a range of Body Fluid Disposal Kits that will ensure that you’re abiding by the official laws and regulations.

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A good place to start if you’re looking for something for a small office or workplace is the Body Fluid Spill Kit. This provides everything that any non-medical organisation should need when disposing of offending materials. The equipment is kept in a secure plastic case and includes gloves, apron, scoop, scraper, disinfectant wipes, non-woven cloths and a biohazard disposal bag. These all-purpose kits can be used to clear up small biohazard spillages, such as blood or vomit, and are a great investment for any workplace, but would be particularly useful for small to mid-sized offices and schools. For those who have to get rid of biomedical or biohazardous waste on a more regular basis, then the Hermetically Sealed Clinical Waste Containers would be a great place to start. These would be useful for nurses, doctors, acupuncturists or hospitals, and are made of a physical and chemical-resistant polyethylene.