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Photographic Fire Safety Information Poster in Plastic or Laminated Paper

A simple way to ensure staff know what to do if there's a fire

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)
  • Divided into steps for easy understanding
  • Photographic illustrations increase visibility and help comprehension
  • Durable, long-lasting materials in three sizes

Preparing for the event of a fire is something that needs to be done far in advance to ensure the safety of everyone in your business. Evacuation plans and well-placed equipment are only good enough if people have thorough training and are prepared to put procedures into place. This poster is an effective way to follow up fire safety training and provide people with a visual reminder that can be seen daily, helping them to solidify your procedures in their minds and minimise panic if an emergency arises.

Giving your staff excellent training is the first step towards maximum fire safety and our four-pack of DVDs is an effective way to do so without the need for a qualified trainer to come in person. The DVDs give a comprehensive overview of fire safety and are a great way to ensure people understand what they need to know.

Once they've received training using the method of your choice, this poster can be displayed in a prominent location to help the information sink in. It also makes a useful reminder if a fire occurs and anybody needs advice quickly. The poster is available on laminated paper, semi-rigid or rigid plastic, all of which are durable enough that it won't need to be framed or protected, but the plastic options are a better choice for particularly high-traffic areas. Mounting the poster with other information signs like our first aid poster help people find safety information when they need it.

The information on the poster is divided into five steps, making it easy for people to follow along with the procedures if they discover a fire. It also includes information on legislation and has photographs and universal safety symbols to make the whole process easier to understand.

We also supply fire safety signs which give clear information on the location of exits and assembly points.

Browse our large range of fire safety equipment to ensure your business is kitted out with everything you need to foster a safe working environment, ready for all emergencies.

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