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Fire prevention health & safety DVD

Comprehensive safety precaution guide for preventing fire.


£45.95 ex. VAT ( £55.14 inc. VAT)
  • Concise fire prevention training resource for all staff
  • Short running time allows efficient, consistent training
  • Includes information on conducting fire safety checks

The fire prevention DVD is designed to provide staff with concise training of fire safety precautions in order to reduce the risk of fires occurring in the workplace. It is one of several guides within the Seton fire safety range and is an excellent addition to the introduction to fire safety DVD.

With a running time of 8 minutes, this DVD is short but incredibly concise in order to enable rapid, efficient staff training. It is crammed full of essential information on preventing fires, and explains how fires can start and spread in order to give viewers a good understanding of fire risks. The DVD also instructs staff how to conduct appropriate fire safety checks in the workplace.

Every business should ensure that its staff is equipped with fire safety knowledge, and this DVD is the perfect starting point for training. It is designed for all staff members to watch, no matter their job position or responsibilities, and as such it presents the information in a manner which is easy to digest and put into action.

It's important to note that this DVD is designed to focus specifically on fire prevention and does not go into detail on fire evacuation or extinguishing. In order to offer a more complete fire safety training session to your staff, we recommend the full DVD compilation of the Seton fire safety at work series, which includes an incredibly valuable introduction to fire safety as well as detailed advice on preventing and dealing with fire in the workplace.

Additional Information

Brand Seton®
Description Fire Prevention DVD
Duration 8min
Packaging Qty. 1
Supplied in Single

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