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UK & EU compliant fire hose reel signs

Universally recognisable symbol for a fire hose reel, compliant with UK and EU safety legislation.


From: £6.49 ex. VAT
From: £5.26 ex. VAT ( £6.31 inc. VAT)
  • Comply with BS 5499, ISO EN 7010
  • Available in multiple sizes and materials
  • Highly visible

A significant hazard that can affect all businesses (to varying degrees) is fire. Devastating and deadly, protecting against it should be high on any building manager's list of priorities, not least because of the stringent UK and EU fire safety regulations. These fire hose reel signs comply with BS 5499 and ISO EN 7010 and effectively highlight the location of fire hose reels, making them more noticeable within the premises. Fire hoses and fire hose reels constitute of main components of a building's fire standpipe system, enabling firefighters access to water to put fires out on any floor.

A sign must communicate as succinctly and clearly as possible the level and nature of information while being complete and accurate. By using the universally recognised symbol for fire hose reels, coupled with the bold text, you're achieving a standard of signage that is clear and prominent - so that, in the event of an emergency, it can be used to locate potentially life-saving equipment. It's also beneficial for those who might not be able to read or who speak a different language. The white borders ensure there's a contrast that adds extra visibility to the sign, wherever it may be positioned.

Choose from eight sizes (150 x 300mm, 200 x 200mm, 200 x 400mm, A5, A3, 450 x 450mm, A2 or A1) and three materials (polypropylene rigid plastic, self-adhesive rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl) so you can match the size and type of sign to the surface area it will attach to and intended level of prominence in your working environment. Universally applicable, you can position the sign as required using the self-adhesive to create awareness within your workplace.

We also supply and sell a wide range of other fire safety signs and posters, to complement your building's fire safety policies and procedures. As part of your wider strategy, you may also wish to look at our variety of fire safety equipment and alarms.

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