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Fire Extinguisher Recharge and Reinspection Tag with Recharge Record

Fire extinguisher recharge and reinspection labels


From: £27.99 ex. VAT ( £33.59 inc. VAT)
  • Tough card and aluminium labels
  • Record all recharges and inspections
  • Fast visual guide to extinguisher safety

These fire extinguisher labels with recharge date tracking are a valuable part of compliance safety labelling in the workplace. They enable a quick, easy to read record of extinguisher recharges and inspections to be kept. The tough tags and labels attach directly to the extinguisher neck with string, elastic or patented Duro-tags as preferred, and are available in card or aluminium to suit all atmospheres and environments.

The toughened eyelets make it hard to tear the labels off and ensures they do not get lost or damaged over time. The sturdy write-on tags can be updated by your extinguisher inspectors on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with fire safety laws. Information about the extinguisher such as its class and contents are also included on the label, making it easy for users to identify its type and its safety record in an emergency.

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