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Self-adhesive Vinyl Fire Extinguisher Inspection Labels

Easy-to-read fire extinguisher inspection labels made from durable self-adhesive vinyl


From: £3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)
  • Mount on or near to fire extinguishers for readily available, precise inspection records
  • Choose from four-year inspection or inspection/recharge/hydrostatic test labels
  • Sold in packs of five

These fire extinguisher inspection labels provide an easy-to-read inspection record solution. It is an important safety measure to keep on top of fire extinguisher inspections. Labels are sold in packs of five so you can ensure that all fire extinguishers in your building are kitted out with inspection labels.

Made from durable self-adhesive vinyl, these labels will last for years without needing to be replaced. They are easy to install; all you need to do to fit these labels is peel and stick and you have an easy-to-read inspection record solution. They can be mounted on or near to fire extinguishers for readily available, precise inspection records. At 108 x 60 mm they will fit almost anywhere on or near your fire extinguisher whilst remaining easy to use and read.

Our fire extinguisher inspection labels come in two options to suit your requirements. The four-year inspection record features columns for four years and rows for each month of the year that can be filled in as inspections take place. You can also buy our inspection / recharge / hydrostatic test labels which feature spaces for the date and record of inspection, recharge and hydrostatic test record and pressure, all on one easy-to-read label that can be used by anyone.

For more fire extinguisher inspection record solutions, why not try our fire extinguisher inspection record tags? These come in a variety of different materials, including non-corrosive aluminium tags which are ideal for outdoor use.

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