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Internationally recognised safety sign that's visible in dim lighting

Essential fire safety information on a photoluminescent sign

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From: £3.99 ex. VAT
From: £3.23 ex. VAT ( £3.88 inc. VAT)

  • Durable construction that requires minimal maintenance
  • Symbols and colours which comply with all legal requirements and standards
  • Ideal for any work location

In order to comply with health and safety legislation, fire prevention and fire safety information has to meet certain criteria when it comes to colour, symbols and content. Our Fire Alarm Call Point signs are formulated to meet ISO7010, as well as comply with DIN, IMO, British Standards and P.S.P.A. Not only are the symbols and text widely understood by diverse audiences, the sign is also luminescent, meaning it's clearly visible in dim light. This offers a significant safety advantage, allowing building occupants to quickly spot the Fire Alarm Call Point at night, or when smoke obscures vision.

This sign is one of a number of photoluminescent fire safety signs that we offer. Each sign is made using polyester film, resulting in a robust, moisture-resistant item that's suitable for many different environments. If you're in need of the Fire Alarm Call Point Photoluminescent Sign, you may also require our Assembly Point and Refuge Point signs to provide a complete system of fire safety awareness information.

We stock a comprehensive range of fire safety equipment and safety signs which enable organisations to implement coherent fire prevention plans to ensure the safety of staff and visitors while protecting equipment and buildings. If you recently had a fire inspection and identified areas where further measures are necessary for adequate fire protection, you can normally find everything you need in our fire safety equipment section.

These signs are ideal for any workplace, including factories, offices, retail facilities and warehouses. In addition, because our fire safety signs are compliant with all relevant legislation, they are also appropriate for church halls, public buildings, pubs, clubs or any other building where members of the public spend time.

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